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On the road - Cycling for Mental Health


Dehydration can be common amongst cyclists, but it is easy to avoid. We recommend:

  • Make sure your bike has at least two water bottles.

  • Drink more liquid than your thirst indicates throughout the ride.

  • Fill up your bottle at every rest area and drink one whole bottle (or more) between each rest stop ( i.e. every 25km).
  • Use 30+ sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing.

The SAG Wagon

The SAG Wagon supports cyclists who are injured, unwell or have mechanical problems. If you need a lift, find a safe spot off the road, and put your bike upside down to indicate you need help. Wave the SAG Wagon down as it approaches. SAG Wagons will take you and your bike to the next campsite.


  • Suitable clothing for all conditions

  • Basic first aid

  • Toolkit

  • Snacks and water
  • Sunscreen

Daily Starting Time

Starting time will be decided by the organisers and maybe dependant on road and/or weather conditions. All riders will start together and normal time will be approximately 8.00am.

Rest Areas

Regular water stops will be provided along the trip. Morning tea and lunch stops will be provided by community groups from nearby small towns and villages. Lunch & morning tea costs are included in you registration.

Route Marshals and Traffic Management

All route marshals are volunteers of the Rotary Club of Glen Innes. These volunteers have donated their time to making sure you have the best ride possible. Please follow any directions giving by volunteers.

Bike Mechanics

Whilst there will not be a professional bike mechanic available on the ride, basic assistance will be available.


First Aid is located at all rest and lunch areas. If you require first aid along the route call Event Assistance for support. In the case of an emergency please call 000.


  • Obey the road rules, the police, traffic controllers & route marshals.
  • Be aware of your surroundings – remember to look around.
  • Ride no more than two abreast.
  • Ride single file where there are double lines. Do not cross double lines.
  • Pass only in single file.
  • Communicate: Call ‘passing’ when passing or ‘stopping’ when stopping. Call or point out any hazards on the road.
  • Move to the left to allow motor vehicles to overtake.

  • Move well off the road before you dismount. Walk your bike well off the road.

  • Rest when you’re tired. Rest only on the left hand side of  the road.

  • Don’t wear headphones while riding. Don’t use a mobile phone while riding.

  • Keep alert; most accidents happen when concentration lapses.

  • Leave enough space between you and the bike in front of you.

  • Keep in straight lines.

  • Pass only to the right of other riders.

  • If you find someone in distress, stop and offer help.  If it’s an emergency call 000, or call Event Assistance for all non-emergency matters. Even if you can’t help, some company is great.

  • Be aware that weather will affect the conditions in which you are riding.

  • Road conditions: in many sections you will need to ride single file, please obey all signs and instructions.

  • Be seen: Wear bright clothes when you’re riding.


This section outlines details for each day along the route.

Day One
Tuesday 15th May
Day Two
Wednesday 16th May
Day Three
Thursday 17th May
Day Four
Friday 18th May
King Dam Circuit
Storm King Dam to Cherrabah Resort
Cherrabah Resort to Queen Mary Falls
Queen Mary Falls to Boonah
Gravel Road
4km fine sandy gravel
Gravel Road
8km fine sandy gravel and 4km gravel
Gravel Road
4km gravel

Correct Bike Set Up

Bicycle Queensland provides guidelines on correctly setting your bike. More information may be found at:


Monday 14th Tuesday 15th Wednesday 16th Thursday 17th
Storm King Dam Camping
free or dormitory style beds
cost $33 per night
Storm King Dam Camping
free or dormitory style beds
cost $33 per night
Cherrabah Camping
free or Rooms
cost $100 twin share
Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park Camping
free or cabins limited
from $90 twin per night

What to take

Riders are limited to a maximum of 20kg which includes clothes, tent and bedding and the like.

1. Clothes

The secret is, don’t take too many! Two or three sets of riding clothes (including padded bike knicks), towel, casual clothes, wet weather gear, warm jumper for nights and toiletries.

2. Camping Gear

  • Small water proof tent.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat.
  • Small torch.
  • Fold up chair.
  • Plastic plate, bowl, mug, cutlery and tea towel. A draw sting bag to carry them is a great idea.


All meals are provided on the ride including breakfast, morning tea, lunch and dinner. These costs are included in your entry fee. Catering is provided by an experienced caterer and is appropriate to the nutritional requirements for such a ride.

Morning teas and lunches are provided by community groups at the small localities we pass through. These costs are also included in your entry fee.

Any special dietary requirements should be noted on the entry form.

Alcohol is not provided on the ride however maybe purchased from local hotels and the like for night time stops.


It is highly recommended that you obtain your own personal insurance. As an example being a member of Bicycle Queensland or Bicycle NSW you receive WORLDWIDE, comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance & Third Party Public Liability Insurance, so you can ride with confidence anywhere, anytime.

For more information on what you are covered for go to:

Bus from Boonah

Available from Boonah Show Ground on Monday 14th May 1pm same as last years Parking Available parking at show ground.

Transporting your bike

The majority of bikes will fit on our custom trailer, you will need to take off your front wheel for transporting. Bikes will also fit under the bus.

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